O. W. Holmes Junior High School

Holmes Bulletin


  • On September 24, 1957, U.S. President Eisenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock, AR, to enforce school integration.
  • On September 25, 1957, with 300 United States Army troops standing guard, nine black children were escorted to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, days after unruly white crowds had forced them to withdraw.
  • On September 26, 1960, the first televised debate between presidential candidates Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy took place in Chicago.
  • On September 27, 1825, the first locomotive to haul a passenger train was operated by George Stephenson in England.
  • On Sept. 28, 1924, two United States Army planes landed in Seattle, Washington, having completed the first round-the-world flight in 175 days.



Tuesday Sept. 25th

7th Grade Volleyball:    

Lee @ Holmes at 4pm 

8th Grade Volleyball:

Lee @ Holmes at 5pm


Wednesday Sept. 26th

Cross Country:

Emerson/Douglass/Esparto @ TBA (Holmes Hosts) at 4pm

Dismissal Time 3:00 / Departure 3:10


Thursday Sept. 27th

7th Grade Volleyball:

Esparto @ Holmes at 4pm  

8th Grade Volleyball

Esparto @ Holmes at 5pm  


Dismissals:  Students leave class at the dismissal time listed, no earlier.  Times listed include time to change into uniforms and time for transportation to DHS.  

9/21  Boys Water Polo JV & V all day.  Girls Water Polo FR all day.

9/24  Field Hockey all day.  Girls Golf 1:15

9/25  Girls Volleyball FR 2:30.  Boys Water Polo JV 1:15

9/26  Cross Country all day.  Field Hockey JV 2:00. 

         Girls Golf 12:15.  Girls Tennis 2:45

9/27  Girls Volleyball 2:15

9/28  Football and Cheer JV 3:00.  Boys Water Polo JV 12:45

         and V 1:20.  Girls Water Polo all day.


Questions? Please contact Laurie Williams at DHS. 


Please remember that:

Entrance:  The price of the ticket is $7 or $5 with an ASB card.  You must have I.D card to attend the dance. If you don’t have your ID you must buy another one from the library for an extra $5 in order to get into the dance. 

Attendance:  You must attend school the day of the dance.  All attendance and detentions must be cleared. If you have un-served detention, you will not be allowed to attend the dance.  If you have been suspended from school and your school activity participation restriction is in place during a scheduled dance, you may not attend the dance.

These dances are for Holmes students only, and all school rules apply.  Students who are behaving inappropriately or not following dress code will be taken to the office to call home, may be asked to change clothes or leave the dance, and may potentially be excluded from future dances. 

Behavior: Running, pushing and horseplay are not allowed at Holmes dances.  Dancing must be safe and respectful; you may not contact others in a rough or sexually suggestive manner.  Freaking and mashing are not permitted.  This also applies to group dancing.

Dress Code:  There are no “formal” events at Holmes Junior High School.  The dress code that is in your planner on page 92 applies at school dances. 

On Campus:  Student visitors are never allowed at a Holmes sponsored school dance.  Parents are welcome to visit dances or help chaperone.  You are not to be on the school campus unless you are attending the dance.

The September 21 and May 10 dances begin at 7:00 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m.  The December 14 dance begins at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m.  You must arrive no later than one hour after the dance start time and stay until the dance is over unless you are picked up by a parent/guardian. Your parent/guardian needs to pick you up promptly at the end of the dance.    


Come take advantage of the Holmes Junior High FREE Homework Club Monday-Thursday in the library starting 9/24.  The hours are 3:30-5 pm.  UCD and high school tutors will be available starting in October.