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Pam Eimers

Welcome to Ms. Eimers' website!

I started teaching at Holmes Jr. High in 2007, just in time for my son to reach high school and not be embarrassed to have me as one of his teachers! Previously I taught at a high school in northern Idaho. Between teaching stints I moved around the country; attended culinary school in San Francisco; cooked and skied in Colorado; worked as food editor at several magazines, including Sunset; and developed marketing, community relations, and fundraising strategies for a small rural hospital and two hospice organizations. Today, when not teaching, I enjoy cooking with and for friends, reading, road trips throughout the Northwest, and day trips around our beautiful region. 


I grew up in central Idaho on the rich farmland of the Camas Prairie, pictured here just before canola harvest when the rolling fields are a burst of vivid yellow blooms. I've lived on both coasts -- from Seattle to Delaware -- and many places in between.

Camas Prairie.jpg
I have credentials in Home Ec. Education and Health Sciences (studying at the University of Idaho and the University of Delaware) and earned my Professional Chef's credential from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.


Today I teach mostly 9th grade Health with a few 7th grade Health classes and 7th grade Home Ec. classes in the mix. I like  the dynamic aspect of health education. Everyday there is something health-related in the news and it's my job (and joy) to keep up on it (thus all the reading). I also like the fact that virtually everything we cover in class is something you can apply to your life--now or in the future.


I would love to see every student take a cooking class! I admit I have a strong bias based on my educational background, professional work outside of teaching, and personal interests. Good food is such an essential part of a healthy life. Most of our health problems are diet related. Learning to cook easy, fresh, flavorful dishes is a prescription for better health and a fun way to spend time as a family and with friends.






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