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Jeanne Reeve



I am very happy to return to Holmes for my twenty-fifth year of teaching.  This will be a very special year because of you!  Holmes is a great school with exceptional teachers and intellectually curious students - learning happens here.

At Holmes, we have high expectations for all students.  Come prepared, ask questions and work together for a successful year. 

Make sure you have a Study Buddy to check in with if you miss class.  Also, regularly check School Loop for upcoming assignments and other important information.  School Loop is minimally updated every four weeks, but check your Assignment Log for updates on work, especially when technology fails us. 

Finally, academic independence is a goal for all students - see me if you have questions about the curriculum, assignments or any thing else - I am an ally for you.  


President Obama Credits Books & Reading as Coping Strategies

This article by MICHIKO KAKUTANI in the New York Times features books and reading as a way to survive and make sense of the world.  As an English teacher, this has not only been a strategy that I, personally, use, but also, have designed curriculum to help adolescents make sense of theirs.  Interesting reading... 




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Mrs. Reeve

Mrs. Reeve

About the Teacher

Mrs. Reeve has been teaching for over twenty years.  She was first hired by the Davis school district in 1999 after teaching Home Economics for Sacramento City Unified School District for five years.  Prior to that, Mrs. Reeve spent a year abroad teaching English to Japanese junior high school students in Anjo, Japan.  Her degree from California State University, Long Beach is in English Literature, and she obtained her teaching credential from Chapman University in 1997.  She holds certificates for GSEA, CLAD, English Learners and is a DJUSD lead trainer for the WRITE Institute. 

When she isn't sharing her love of literature, writing and learning with her students, Mrs. Reeve is a dedicated wife and mother who enjoys traveling, reading and cooking with her family.     

Extra Credit and Extra Extra Credit Opportunities

Extra Credit is available to all students who wish to pursue additional academic curricular activities to enrich their overall standing in the class.  The principle of extra credit is to give every opportunity to any student who wishes to work hard and improve his grade which is, in fact, a learning experience within itself. 


Extra credit is not reflected on PROGRESS reports. There is no due date for extra credit; however, extra credit submitted two days before the end of the quarter will show on that current grade report except for quarter four.  With the end of the year, extra credit must be submitted the Monday before the end of the school year.  If extra credit is submitted after that time, the teacher will endeavor to enter the extra credit on the current grading period.  If that is unachievable, the extra credit will appear on the following grade report.