O. W. Holmes Junior High School

Strategies for Sucess

Strategies for Academic Success


We support our students by maintaining high, developmentally appropriate expectations as they journey from elementary to high school. We expect our students to develop academic independence and learn how to track their assignments, submit quality work on time, and respectfully self-advocate. Here are some strategies that you can use to support your child towards academic independence.  

If your child is confused about assignments, please help him/her with the following steps:

1. Check your child’s planner to see if the homework assignment is recorded. If the planner is blank, consider that to be a red flag.  Using the planner is a critical strategy for tracking assignments. Every academic teacher posts assignments and deadlines in the classroom.

2. Check for information about assignments through the teacher’s School Loop home page.

3. Encourage your child to identify a study buddy for each class at school. Have your child contact the study buddy if s/he has questions about an assignment.

4. Have your child speak with the teacher directly. Teachers will make appointments during lunch time and/or before/after school if requested.

If your child is not completing homework:

1.  Require your child to write homework in the planner each period. Develop a routine that includes reviewing the planner with your child every night, checking for quality of work and completion, and confirming that completed work is placed in your child’s backpack before s/he leaves for school. Follow above steps if there is confusion about an assignment.

2.  Weekly progress report forms are available in the counseling office for students to ask their teachers to complete. Students are responsible for providing the report to their teacher(s) at the beginning of class and picking it up at the end, and then bringing the report to the parent.

3. Students should be contacting their teachers to ask if and how they can turn in missing assignments.  

4. Check School Loop often.