O. W. Holmes Junior High School

Health Teachers

Eimers, Pamela
Henrickson, Dianna


Health Courses

A one-quarter Health class is required for all 7th graders. A one-semester Health class is required for all 9th graders.


7th Grade Health


9th Grade Health

Sexual Health/Family Life Education Information

DJUSD offers age-appropriate Family Life education beginning in grade 5. The link below will take you to the school district's website page with Sexual Health Education information. There you can view topics and standards for each grade level, see a list of materials that have been approved for each grade, read FAQs concerning California Education Code requirements, and read other related documents that may be of interest.   http://djusd-ca.schoolloop.com/resource/resources?d=x&id=1377669089045&group_id=1356617245325

If you have questions about course content, please contact your student's teacher. We believe that you are your child's best teacher and we encourage communication between children and their parents or guardians on the sexual health topics covered in class. For some children and parents this can be somewhat uncomfortable but it is a great opportunity for you to reinforce your values and expectations in this area. We applaud every effort!