O. W. Holmes Junior High School

Davis School of Independent Study: Travel Program

Students traveling for 5 or more days are encouraged to enroll in the Davis School of Independent Study (D.S.I.S.) Travel Program:

Contact D.S.I.S. as soon as possible, and preferably, 2-3 weeks in advance.

D.S.I.S. phone contact: 530.757.5333

Contact the Holmes Attendance Secretary, Georgi Chambers, to let her know that your child will be absent from school at 530.757.5445, extension 116

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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

The Counseling Department provides a variety of academic, social/emotional and career oriented services that vary from scheduling, grade consultation, conflict mediation and risk assessment. We are happy to be part of the Holmes JHS family and supporting our community!

Counseling Department Staff

Ellen Shields -  all 7th Graders, 8th grade (last names Q-T), Head Counselor. Se habla espanol. 

Marci Montanari- 8th Grade (last names U - Z), all 9th Graders.

Laura Losk - 8th Grade (last names A - P)

Michael Ann Pedone - Counseling Secretary and Registrar

Losk, Laura Staff
Montanari, Marci Staff
Shields, Ellen Counselor

Holmes Junior High School Important Course Planning Dates 2018-19

February 2018:

13- DaVinci incoming 10th presentations in World Geo/Health classes

15- DHS incoming 10th presentations in English 9 classes

20-21- Incoming 9th grade presentations in 8th grade Social Studies classes

21- Holmes incoming 9th grade parent night 6:30-7:30 MPR

22- DHS Open House

23- DaVinci incoming 10th parent night 6:30 - 8pm at DVCA



March 2018:

2- Incoming 9th grade course request and 4-year plan due to English teacher

3- DaVinci Open House 6-8:30 pm

6-8- Incoming 8th grade presentations to 7th grade core classes

7- Holmes incoming 8th grade parent night 6:30 -7:30 MPR

7-8- Incoming 7th grade presentations at North Davis, Birch Lane, and Willett (Mrs. Cook’s class)

12- Q Portal closes for DHS incoming 10th at midnight

14- Incoming 7th grade parent night 6-7:30 MPR

15- Incoming 8th grade course requests due to English teacher

15- DHS incoming 10th grade course request pickup in PE classes



Tips for Success and Transitions

Non-DJUSD Courses

DJUSD Board policy allows up to ten credits for courses from other accredited institutions on the DJUSD transcript with notation of where the course was taken. This could be a one semester college course, for example, or two semesters of high school level courses. A notation of P will be made if the course has been preapproved as college prep by UC/CSU for "a-g" credit. The policy went into effect June 15, 2012, without regard for any previous non-DJUSD courses taken. All non-DJUSD courses must be completed by the end of fall semester of the senior year.

UC/CSU Approved A-G Courses:

Go to www.ucop.edu/a-gGuide/ag/online_course.html.

Select names of approved online providers you are interested in.

Then go to: https://doorways.ucop.edu/list.

Enter the name of the online school and then review the list of "a-g" approved courses.

Note: UC/CSU will not accept any online course in the area of visual and performing arts (VPA) or laboratory science, unless science courses require an on-site wet lab component.

Final Exam Proctor: DJUSD teachers do not proctor final exams for online courses.